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Which Are The Best London Photography Courses?

That’s something you need to discover and decide for yourself. In our humble opinion, our Photography Courses are the best in London.

You’d be right in thinking that our opinion is a little biased, so here are a selection of genuine comments sent to us by course attendees. If you’d like us to forward the original email with any of these quotes, we’d be more than happy to.

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Some comments sent to us by workshop attendees

“Thanks for a great course. I really enjoyed myself and came away with some great pictures.”

“Apologies on the delay but I’ve finally worked on some photos from the studio lighting session and I’ve attached a small collage of my favourite ones. I learnt a great deal and if I can find the time I’ll definitely be coming to another session. The photos taken during the workshop have also helped me get a job as a cruise ship photographer working out of Miami (from March onwards) as I had to take a portfolio along to the interview and [the photos from the workshop] obviously had a positive effect!”

“I found the workshop useful and I hope I will be able to come to others as well.”

“The day was really useful – thanks a lot!”

“It was a great class, thanks for making it interesting and informative.”

“Thanks a lot for the course yesterday. I really enjoyed it, and learnt quite a bit too. I found your chat at the start very useful.
What did stay with me in particular was a) Why am I taking this picture?, and the need for it to tell a story b) Going back to using manual, which I really enjoyed and think will help develop my photography generally, and c) I feel like I did break the ice about taking pictures of strangers, and although it may be a work in progress, I think that I will be more confident about doing so in the future.
So all in all a productive day for me.”

“Thank you for a great and productive time on Tuesday once again and see you on Location Workshop :)
Attached please find some of my shots snapped on Tue.
Would be great if you can give me your opinion :).”

“Just to feedback that I really enjoyed your photo course yesterday. I learnt a lot from you, which I’m looking forward to practice over the coming months.
I’m sure my photography skills have moved up a gear and I’m really happy with some of the shots yesterday. I’m editing the photos now and will put some on a link. Do let me know if you plan to do any other classes that you think would be suitable for my level.”

“Thanks very much for the flash course yesterday. I really did get stacks out of it and now that I know I’m not winging it, I’m sure I’ll be a lot more confident. I am going to try and do a series of motion shots using the technique we practised at the end because I can see that there could be some really interesting images to be captured.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a really useful session from my perspective and exactly what I was looking for. Will hopefully help me overcome and unnecessary fear of the flash and allow me to have the confidence to get it out of the bag.”

“I just wanted to thank you for organising such an excellent workshop on Saturday – I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and came away with a set of images I’m very pleased with.
I’ve been on several similar courses in recent years, but none have provided such a good ‘tutor to student’ ratio (even allowing for the 2 no-shows), and I thought Rossella struck a great balance between passing on her knowledge, and giving us all plenty of time to shoot. This really seems to be a rare thing in my experience – on other courses I’ve found ‘name’ photographers overly keen on the sound of their own voices, then spending far too much time shooting the models themselves, leaving the group fighting for space and time to try any shooting. I think the simple structure of your course worked incredibly well. Rossella gave a brief introduction, then placed the emphasis immediately on what WE wanted to achieve, and we all seemed to have a huge amount of time to try poses and techniques, with Rossella constantly checking our screens to see what we’d shot and offer advice. She spent a great deal of time standing in the bushes with a Speedlight or holding a reflector – literally providing a supporting role so we could concentrate on shooting! Lastly, the workshop was amazing value, and I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you and hopefully booking another one soon!”

“Just a quick email to say thanks for last night – really enjoyed it, exactly as you described, parking was a breeze, Georgia was very patient and accommodating, good pace and understood everything.”

“I enjoyed the beginner’s class yesterday learnt a lot of the basics about cameras, I’m glad I signed up for it.”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day on Saturday – it felt very creative, and as someone who has previously only ever been out shooting alone, I really liked being part a group.”

“Many thanks for the course on Saturday, it was great fun.”

“Thanks again for the day, everything I’d hoped for and a lot more.”

“I would just like to thank you for the excellent workshop at the weekend. I was very happy with the format, content, and my final images.”

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable engaging and empowering days workshop. I am really chuffed at what you have helped me achieve, and thats before even going out and experimenting to broaden my photographic horizons and control.”

“Thanks for the amazing course on portrait photography in Hyde Park London had such a good time and came away with some amazing photos.”

“This was an excellent day, from which I have taken a great deal.”

“I really enjoyed Saturday’s workshop. As well as it being fun, I felt that I learnt lots of interesting things that will help me.”

“Thank you for the notes and for the workshop. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and will definitely get signed up for a few more next year.”

“Just a quick thank you, I found both workshops really helpful taking an old sports photographer out of his comfort zone!”

“Found it both enjoyable and informative. It was my first experience of a photography course and did not particularly know what to expect. But left feeling it was excellent and very good value.”

“Steve was really knowledgable and made learning fun (even on a Sunday morning!) and I came away from the session inspired and knowing how to (manually) get a correctly exposed shot which is what I wanted to come away from the session knowing. I now have a much greater understanding of my camera and photography in general and I can’t wait to apply my newly acquired knowledge to a couple of projects I have lined up.”

“Hi some feedback on today’s session – it was fantastic. Rosella was awesome – I have done a few model shoots before, but her style of tuition was brilliant – not too invasive and not too technical – just practical tips and experience. She was so good at ‘seeing’ the image. Great models too. So thank you it was absolutely brilliant.”


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