Coping Strategies for People with GAS

A photography workshop to help people with Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

GAS can strike any one of us at any time. One of the tutors here at 36exp suffers from it badly. It can be incapacitating, leading to creative constipation, pink eye, night sweats, angry outbursts, skewed vision and relationship breakdown. Once you have GAS it is like a rolling snowball of more GAS;  each new acquisition provides temporary GAS relief, but the next acquisition has to be bigger, more advanced, costlier, more specific and newer.

Disclaimer – we cannot cure GAS, our workshop offers relief by offering coping strategies.

This full day intensive workshop will provide you with techniques you need to feel better, including:

– Conditioning techniques so that your romantic weekend away isn’t ruined and your body isn’t permanently damaged by your need to carry the bare essentials of two pro level bodies, f/2.8 zooms covering the range 12-200mm, plus flash, macro and two (minimum) f/1.4 prime lenses.

– How to cope when a once in a lifetime shot passes you by as you examine your newly taken photo of paint drying so that you can be sure that you do have a left sensor focus issue.

– Techniques to overcome the paralysing fear that you cannot go on your next holiday because will only be able to back your memory cards up to your iPad, your laptop, your sister’s PC, the cloud, your NAS, the Pentagon, and a set of DVDs.

– How to see in the dark so you can use your new camera at ISO128,000 to capture those nocturnal shrews at the bottom of a cave.

– What you really need to know about the weaknesses of your rival brand so that you can destroy your opposition in your internet forum of choice. Plus a selection of killer thread starters to really get you trolling.

– A long and extensive list of reasons why you need a 36mp digital camera for posting pictures on the internet.

– The locations of the best brick walls throughout Europe, USA and Asia for you to go and shoot.

– Methods to recognise that your photography is being held back by your 12 month old, professional, technologically advanced camera and solid reasons why you should keep it as a back up and upgrade to the new version

– A comprehensive set of valid reasons (including autofocus problems / poor lens performance / pixel fairies) to justify why those blurred pixels you see when you view your image at 400% on a 42 inch HD screen are not a result of your technique.

– A practical way to actually hear noise for those times when you can’t see it.


The workshop happens in a comfortable and secure central London location with plenty of secure storage, and is facilitated by trained professionals in both small groups and individual sessions.


We hope you can join us. We know we can help.


Workshop date – Saturday 9th February, from 9am-5pm.

Location – Central London.

Email us for prices and availability.

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