Flash Photography Workshop

Use of on and off camera flash to create both natural and dramatic portrait shots is the focus of our Flash Photography Course in London. We cover the basics and then go on to create professional lighting, both inside and outside. Topics covered will include:

– On camera flash
– Flash settings, including zoom, TTL and manual
– Camera settings with flash – shutter speed, aperture, ISO and sync speed
– Fill flash
– Balancing ambient light with flash
– Bouncing flash
– Off camera flash
– Positioning lights
– Use of light stands, reflectors, diffusers and umbrellas
– Adding interest to shots using flash
– Lighting the background
– Combining movement with flash

Flash Workshop
Image by workshop attendee, Kathi Archery.

On this lighting course, we work with a model, and visit three different locations, two outside and one inside, to create a set of professional portraits that would grace any portfolio.

Flash Photography Course
Image by workshop attendee, Wilfried Haubenberger.

You will need a digital SLR with manual mode, and you will need your own dedicated flash unit and a way to trigger it off camera. Please contact us if you have any questions about this. This is a hands on, fairly intense day, you will be on your feet most of the time.

Flash Photography Course

“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a really useful session from my perspective and exactly what I was looking for. Will hopefully help me overcome and unnecessary fear of the flash and allow me to have the confidence to get it out of the bag.”


The Flash Photography Course is led by Andrew Mason, a professional portrait photographer with a wealth of lighting knowledge and experience. Andrew also runs our Studio Lighting Course.



Limited to 6 places.

Cost – £145.

The flash photography workshop runs from 10.30am-4.00pm, and takes place in  central London. Click ‘register’ below to see the address. Attendees will be emailed with detailed joining instructions.

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This workshop can be bought as a Gift Voucher.

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