Street Photography Course

Take to the streets of London on our Street Photography Course.

What is street photography? Here’s a definition by Shaun Hines, who leads this workshop: Street Photography can be poignant, humorous, it can make social comment, produce images surreal in nature and raise questions. It provides the opportunity for us to record and inspect aspects of our culture. It doesn’t have to be taken in an urban environment or even include people, it is the trace of our activities in general that is important.

Street Photography Course
Image by Shaun Hines.

On the 36exp Street Photography Course you will spend the day shooting street photography with Shaun. You will work towards developing your own street photography style and you will learn techniques which will enable you to capture images of people and places which say something to the viewer.

In a small group you’ll learn and practice:

– Effective composition and exposure techniques for street photography

– How to analyse what goes into your shot to achieve photos with impact and interest

– How to build narrative and tell a story

– Practical considerations including what camera and lens equipment you should use, what you should wear, and how you should behave

– Shooting techniques so you are ready to capture fleeting moments

History of street photography, plus information on legalities surrounding the subject

– Discussion on what makes good street photography

– How to develop your personal style of street photography, advice on creating a series of images and working on a personal project

– Techniques for approaching subjects to shoot candid portraits including street performers and market traders 

Street Photography Workshop
Image by Shaun Hines.

The workshop begins with a presentation and discussion, but the majority of the day is spent out with your camera, learning and creating images.

You are supervised, in a small group, all day by Shaun Hines, who will provide ideas, guidance and technical know how so that you will learn how to take more interesting, rewarding and street photos.

The workshop takes place around the Bankside area of London, and attendees will be emailed with the meeting point.

Street Photography
Image by Shaun Hines.

This workshop is led by Shaun Hines, a photographer with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Shaun is an outstanding tutor and has worked with 36exp since our inception. He developed the Street Photography Course along with its eBook.


The workshop includes a copy of the 36exp Street Photography eBook. This is a comprehensive guide to street photography and its techniques, and compliments what you learn on the day.

Limited to 7 participants.

Cost £95.

Street Photography Workshop

Venue: Starting at the Tate Modern Espresso Bar

Price: £95.00

Date: Saturday, 7th Mar 2015

Available Spaces: 5

Street Photography Workshop

Venue: Starting at the Tate Modern Espresso Bar

Price: £95.00

Date: Saturday, 9th May 2015

Available Spaces: 6

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“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day on Saturday – it felt very creative, and as someone who has previously only ever been out shooting alone, I really liked being part a group.”

“Thanks again for the day, everything I’d hoped for and a lot more.”




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