What is White Balance?

What is white balance?

On your camera you’ll see a setting for white balance. Ever wondered what this means in photography terms? Read this article to find out. The first thing to realise is that the colour of light from various light sources is different; fluorescent tubes emit a different colour of light than the sun, and cloudy light […]

Using Hard, Direct Light Creatively

Using Light

Light comes in two types – hard and soft. Hard light comes from a small light source (e.g. direct sun, or direct flash); you see clearly defined edges to your shadows with hard light. Soft light happens when you have a big light source (e.g. the sun through clouds, or flash through a large diffuser); […]

Five Steps to Better Street Photography

Street Workshop - 7 March - 2015-03-07 19.19.13 (Fedor P.)

A commonly held misbelief is that the best approach to creating good street photography is to endlessly wander from place to place with a camera at the ready, shooting from the hip and snatching shots of fleeting moments that randomly happen in a split second before your eye. That street photography technique may get you […]