How To Photograph the Action of the Tour de France in London

How to freeze movement in a photo

The world’s biggest annual sporting event, the Tour de France, hits London on Monday 7th July. It will present photographers with stunning opportunities to capture the excitement, colour and action of the spectacle as hundreds of lycra clad super humans wheel their way through the capital at break-neck speeds. Photographing fast moving objects presents challenges […]

How to take a candid portrait

Candid Portrait

It’s quite common to find photos that are accompanied by useful technical details such as the camera and lens used along with exposure settings. Less frequent however are background details explaining how the shot got to be taken in the first place. Here’s an explanation of how to take a candid portrait like the one […]

Top 10 Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography Tips

If you’re a beginner photographer, check out our top 10 Beginner Photography Tips which summarise how to use your camera to take better photos. Beginner Photography Tips In summary, here’s a list of our top 10 tips for beginner photographers: Take lots of photos – how can you improve if you don’t go out and […]

Hyde Park Portrait Photography


Two particularly nice portraits by Portrait Photography Workshop attendee, Felipe Krause. Created on our May Portrait Workshop in Hyde Park. We love the composition and pose of the first image, and the use of flowers in foreground of the second photo. The look and feel achieved in post production is also great. Post by Andrew […]

The Rule of Thirds

image (1)

The rule of thirds is the first thing you should try if you’re attempting to take better photos. It’s super easy to understand and will quickly imporve your photography with just a little thought. What is the rule of thirds in photography? The rule of thirds is a simple technique. You divide your frame (what […]

Shutter Speed Basics – FAQ

shutter speed

What is a shutter? Your camera’s shutter is a mechanism which opens and closes. When it is open light can hit your camera’s sensor. when it it closed, light cannot hit your sensor. What does shutter speed mean? Shutter speed refers to the the amount of time your shutter is open for. It is expressed […]

5 Ways To Stop Taking Boring Photos

Phootgraphy tips

If your photos are looking a bit bland, try these 5 things which will help you take more captivating photos. 1. Stop obsessing about kit and don’t buy anything else “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams. Wise words. This is a creative endeavour we’re […]