5 Ways To Stop Taking Boring Photos

Phootgraphy tips

If your photos are looking a bit bland, try these 5 things which will help you take more captivating photos. 1. Stop obsessing about kit and don’t buy anything else “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams. Wise words. This is a creative endeavour we’re […]

3 Places to Photograph in London


A selection of 3 places in London to go with your camera and take photos. What could be better. The City of London on a Sunday Take a stroll around the City of London and you’ll be struck by the variety, size and density of the buildings you encounter. The City (London’s financial district), is […]

Espero Studio – Portrait Photography Workshop


February’s portrait photography workshop was hosted at the super characterful Espero Studio near Brick Lane. Despite a few challenges finding the place, our intrepid photographers found out how shoot creative, characterful and impressive portraits. Samantha and Twig did a great job of modelling, and Rossella’s advice, guidance and wisdom was put to good use by our […]

5 Tips on Creating a Successful Photography Business

Whether it’s ditching the day job to live the dream of being a full time professional photographer, or just making some money on the side to buy some extra kit many people dream of earning an income from photography. Those who have made the leap from photography enthusiast to turning their obsession into something they […]

Breaking the rules in the studio


Usually, working in the studio is about control. You’re controlling the power of lights, fine tuning their position, composing the shot, directing the model. Your final image is all about your subject and the studio is there to enable this, certainly not to be part of the photo. So, it was refreshing to see some […]

Creating Your Own Photography Brand

Whether you’re in it for the money, or for personal satisfaction it’s a good idea to let people know what sort of photographer you are. To do that you need to create a brand. It’s not as hard as it seems. Here’s the third part of our series on developing on a path to being […]

Architectural Photography – A View of the City


Take a stroll around a city with the size and history of London and you’ll be struck by the variety, size and density of the buildings you encounter. If you set out to photograph these buildings you’ll be presented with opportunities to create great images, and you’ll also be challenged by the creative choices you […]

How many people see your photos?

How many people see your photos? Here’s the second in our series of articles on progressing as a photographer, it’s all about being seen. Being successful in most things can be more about who you know rather than how good you are. No matter how great the work you are producing is, you need to […]