Our Top 10 Photos Of 2015

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2015 has been a great year for us photographically. We’ve visited new locations, tried new techniques and taken lots of photos we’re happy with. One of the best things about running photography workshops is that we get to spend lots of time taking photos. We’ve tried to pick out top 10 favourite photos of 2015. […]

How To Create Light Trails

How to create light trails

Once you know how to create light trails you will discover that you can create shapes and patterns using the lights from passing vehicles.
At night, if you use the correct settings, the lights of cars and buildings show up strongly in your photo compared to the dark surroundings of the night sky and the unlit parts of the environment. The brighter the light source, the brighter it will appear in your photo.

What is White Balance?

Angle of view

On your camera you’ll see a setting for white balance. Ever wondered what this means in photography terms? Read this article to find out. The first thing to realise is that the colour of light from various light sources is different; fluorescent tubes emit a different colour of light than the sun, and cloudy light […]

Using Hard, Direct Light Creatively

Using Light

Light comes in two types – hard and soft. Hard light comes from a small light source (e.g. direct sun, or direct flash); you see clearly defined edges to your shadows with hard light. Soft light happens when you have a big light source (e.g. the sun through clouds, or flash through a large diffuser); […]