Studio Lighting Course

Learn to work effectively in a photography studio on our one day Studio Lighting Course and get some hands on experience with studio lighting.

Our one day Studio Photography Workshop in London provides you with practical skills so that you become competent at working with studio lighting. The topics covered in the workshop include:

Operation of studio lights and setting up your camera to work with them
– Using a light meter to calculate exposures
Light modifiers and accessories, including softbox, beauty dish and reflector
– Creating or reducing shadow with reflectors and polyboards
– Working with white, black and grey backgrounds
– Lighting the background
Lighting set ups with one, two, three and four lights
– Main, fill, butterfly, clamshell, broad & short lighting
– Choosing the correct lighting for your subject
High key and low key lighting set ups
– Flagging light
– Separating the subject from the background with rim lighting
Lighting hair
Creative lighting including narrow depth of field and using movement
– Using gels to create colour
– Studio portraiture techniques and posing, plus beauty lighting
– Recreating studio shots based on the lighting used in magazines

Portrait Lighting Course

This studio course is designed so that you can use a studio for portrait photography, the focus of the course is on portrait lighting techniques in the studio.

There will be lots of opportunity for you to shoot during the workshop and you can use the images in your portfolio.

We use a photography studio which has black, white, grey and coloured backgrounds, four studio lights and a variety of light modifiers, which is ideal for portraiture.

Studio Portrait Lighting

All lighting equipment will be supplied by 36exp.

Studio Lighting Course

You will need a digital SLR camera with manual mode and need to know how to set ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Studio Lighting Course

studio photography course

Studio Photography Course
Image by Lorna Milburn.

“I really enjoyed being in the studio for the first time and am delighted with my pictures. You have given me the confidence to maybe hire a studio.”


The Studio Lighting Course is led by Andrew Mason, a professional portrait photographer with a wealth of lighting knowledge and experience. Andrew also runs our Flash Photography Course.



The courses runs from 10.30am-4.00pm in Bermondsey, and costs £145.

Attendees limited to 6.

Book your place:

Studio Lighting Workshop

Venue: Seamless Studios

Price: £145.00

Date: Saturday, 7th Nov 2015

Available Spaces: 4


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